The company “JanDig-S” specializes in providing wide range of services in the field of oil & gas and construction industry.

Our proposed services are shown below:

  • Recruitment of qualified staff (local & expatriate staff)
  • Comprehensive services of designing and construction
  • Provision of any types of vehicle, management and maintenance of transport; in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Logistics services
  • Legal and financial consultations


The company “JanDig-S” is an independent and stable company which in the present conditions of tough market-oriented economy and competition; holds a strong position and has the potential for further expansion and development. We follow strict code of ethics. We undertake only those tasks in which we are professionals.

We use a practical approach to each aspect from plan and schedules to the completion of the task; by thoroughly studying all received information connected with the business interests of our clients. Privacy, reliability and high quality of our performed works are the main goal of our work.